Methods of Treatment

Dr. Dwyer is a licensed psychologist (Colorado and Virginia licenses), owner of Dwyer Psychological Services, and managing partner of Rocky Mountain Center for Development. In addition to in-office services in Centennial, Colorado, Dr. Dwyer provides secure distance services (via to residents of Colorado and Virginia.

My Philosophy

My therapeutic practice is dedicated to helping people find deeper meaning, connection, and authenticity in life. By managing and tolerating uncomfortable emotions, we can live intentionally, in accordance with our value systems. Utilizing the Eastern traditions of mindfulness and the Western traditions of cognitive-behavior therapy, my goal is to help people view times of stress and transition as the unprecedented opportunities for growth that they actually present.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

I primarily practice mindfulness based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a treatment method with very strong research support. The “cognitive” portion of CBT deals with examining our thought processes–the stories we tell ourselves–about self, others, and the world, and evaluating whether these narratives and concepts are useful, truthful, and helpful. If they are not, we work together to change this internal dialogue to something that is more helpful for our present situations and for optimal functioning. The “behavioral” portion deals with examining behaviors that maintain less than desirable outcomes, as well as learning new behaviors that will lead to better outcomes. Mindfulness allows us to stay centered in the present moment, evaluating thoughts, feelings, and physiology as information occuring in the here-and-now. While this information is valuable and can inform our choices, we can react to it from a place of wisdom–be responsive and not reactive–when we approach it mindfully.


Mindfulness-based therapies look to ground oneself in the present moment, where we can evaluate our choices and thought processes from a place of wisdom. Rather than reacting based on temporary emotions, we can be more intentional about our choices and recognize that our thoughts and emotions come and go but that we do not have to be reactive to them.

What I Do


Do you feel like you are getting by, but not thriving?  Does anxiety, stress, or low mood weigh you down?  Dr. Dwyer provides individual therapy services to children, teens, and adults, in her office at Rocky Mountain Center for Development.  We begin with a thorough assessment of difficulties, then craft a treatment plan centering on your goals for change.  Using techniques from cognitive-behavioral, mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral, and acceptance and commitment therapies, we will work together to personalize your treatment. Please note: I am providing only telehealth services at this time and not taking on new child/younger teen clients.

Distance Therapy

Is time one of your most valuable resources?  Then distance therapy services may be perfect for you!  Using a secure video link, we will work together for therapy just like we would in the office.  But you won’t have to factor in driving and parking time, so your time out of the office or away from kids will be greatly reduced.  All you need is an internet connected computer with microphone and webcam (most laptops come with these standard), and a private space at work or home for your appointment time.  Distance services are also great for people living in a rural area.  Click here to read more and watch my video about distance therapy!

Psycho-Educational Evaluation

Dr. Dwyer provides comprehensive psycho-educational evaluations for children, teens, and young adults in need of recommendations for educational services.  She is highly skilled at assessing cognitive, academic, executive functioning, and neuro-developmental abilities.  Dr. Dwyer evaluates students for dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities, ad/hd, ASD, and other social-emotional difficulties that can impact educational functioning.  Please note: I am not taking on new evaluation clients at this time.