Welcome Winter Challenge:

5 Days to Wrap Your Soul in a Warm Blanket

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The days get shorter and light dwindles as our world spins towards the start of winter.  It’s in our nature at this time of year to slow down, turn inward, and restore.  As we count the days down to the winter solstice, it’s a great time to focus on nurturing your soul and recharging your battery.  Join us for a 5 day challenge geared towards wrapping your soul in a warm blanket!  Each day we’ll highlight a different, simple, quick self-care strategy that will help you restore and regroup.  Go into 2018 with a stronger sense of peace and balance.

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Just what your soul craves on these darkest days of the year: a spark of warmth and light, a hit of inspiration, and some soul warming self-care strategies. Let go of tension, embrace gratitude, and shift your mindset.  Each day I’ll share a brief practice by video, and provide you with written instructions as well.  We’ll be chatting about our progress in our closed facebook group, too!  Fill out your email at the bottom of the page and you’re in the challenge!

Hi, I'm Kim.

I’m the founder and coach at Effortlessly Intentional.  I work with high achieving women who want to create optimal emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness so that they can be rockstars.  As a behavioral health expert with a PhD in psychology, I empower my clients to understand how to make sustainable progress with their goals in all facets of life.  I don’t just preach.  I tell it like it is with a dose of humor and empathy because this is my world, too.  I’m a busy mom and professional on a constant path of self-improvement, learning how to be gentle to myself in the process.  I sure hope you’ll join me on this journey. Fill in the blue and green email opt in below to sign up for the challenge and get ready to breeze into 2018!

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