Intentional Private Practice: Kick Start Group Coaching

Welcome!  I’m Dr. Kim Dwyer and

Intentional Private Practice

 is my exclusive coaching and clinical consultation model!

I’ve been in private practice for over ten years, with over twenty years post Ph.D. “in the trenches” experience. I grew my practice from the ground up.  I’m the first to admit I made some mistakes along the way.

At times, I believed there was something more I needed outside of myself to be successful–the next training, area of expertise, modality of treatment, etc.  I’m here to tell you… I was wrong. By reconnecting with my “why”, by understanding the needs of my ideal client population, and by using my unique set of values to direct every aspect of my business, I re-vitalized my practice and moved from bored and worried in a stale business to empowered and fulfilled in a financially thriving practice with room for my creativity and competency to flourish.

This experience of growing and revitalizing my practice led to my coaching and clinical consultation work through Intentional Private Practice.  My learning curve will be your secret weapon as I share what works and doesn’t work to market and grow a successful practice.

My goal whenever I’m coaching practice builders is to empower them to build the practice of their dreams.  Together we problem solve barriers, shift negative and limiting mindsets, and build accountability to get things done.

The Intentional Private Practice: Kick Start Group Coaching is eight weeks of dedicated focus on building your practice by shifting mindset, developing values-aligned marketing, exploring money issues, and gaining management competencies.

Sound good to you?  Let’s get started!

What People Are Saying…

When I joined the IPP Kick Start Group, I was completely overwhelmed at the thought that I could run my own private practice, and worried I’d be so far behind others that I wouldn’t understand what was going on.  I joined the group because I wanted to learn as much as I could and develop support for starting my practice, and I was really impressed with Kim’s style and knowledge. As a result of the group, I have learned so much!  I have chosen a name, business structure, and start date… and I’ve grown tremendously in my own sense of self and confidence.  I’m more comfortable about being in private practice and more excited about this endeavor!  Kim is supportive, encouraging, down to earth, funny, and smart. The group was very helpful and well organized and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to start or build/grow their practice, while strengthening their vision, purpose, and knowledge. 
Katie Gordon, LMSW

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IPP: Kick Start is for you if...

You want to grow your practice, but you’re not sure how.
You’re tired of wasting time and money on marketing strategies that go no where and feel inauthentic.
You’re passionate about what you do, but not sure how to share it with the world.
Your practice is full, but you are emotionally depleted and perhaps not financially viable because it is not your ideal work.
You’re exhausted and burnt out from a practice that is serving everyone BUT you.
You’re ready to infuse your practice with your value system.

IPP: Kick Start is NOT for you if

You’re looking for one size fits all. Reality is, one size fits none in our industry.  Your practice needs to reflect your most important asset: YOU.
You want someone to do it for you. IPP: Kick Start will give you all the guidance and support you need, but you’ll get the most from the group if you are prepared to dig in and do the work to grow your practice.  It’s not magic, and it’s not rocket science, but you will need to invest some time and energy and try new things.
You want a get rich quick strategy. Sorry, I wish I had that lottery ticket for you.  But I know from experience that if you put the work into developing your business, you won’t just have eventual cash flow, but you’ll have the sense of accomplishment and value that comes from putting your creation out into the world in a way that serves others.

What is included in  Intentional Private Practice: Kick Start Group?

Eight Weeks of Group Coaching

We’ll gather live through a video platform, but you’ll also have access to recordings if you can’t make a session. Everyone is encouraged and guaranteed a hot-seat coaching time slot, but if this isn’t for you, it’s not required.

Didactic Training and Q&A Sessions

We’ll explore the most common topics and barriers when it comes to setting up and growing a private practice.  Consultation geared towards your specific questions will allow you to implement your newfound knowledge!

Marketing Magic

Want to move from schmoozy-schleaze marketing to values-aligned authentic connections?  Check.  We’ve got that covered.

Individual Support

One hour of built in individual support, before and during/after the group experience, to tailor the Kick Start to best meet your needs.

Coworking Sessions

Set aside this time to get your to-do list D.U.N.  We’ll work (virtually) side by side so you can stay on task and get immediate support as needed.

Accountability Partnerships

If you desire, you’ll be matched up with another group member for between session accountability and encouragement.

Private Group FaceBook Chat

We’ll have a platform just for the group where we can connect and answer questions or brainstorm between sessions.

Intentional Private Practice Workbook

A special bonus, this All-the-Things guide to private practice covers values, mindset, money, admin issues, paperwork, officing, branding, networking, marketing, and more.

Kick Start Group Coaching with BONUS

Intentional Private Practice Workbook!

An everything guide to mental health private practice, this thorough workbook is the culmination of my knowledge and experience in running a successful private practice.  This workbook will be the backbone of our group didactic training and serve as a reference for you long beyond our eight weeks together.

The Important Details

When do we meet?

We’ll meet virtually through a live video conference call, Mondays, starting on March 28.  While it’s challenging to schedule across time zones, I’ve found the time of 1pm eastern/noon central, 11am mountain, 10am pacific has worked well for us in the past.    If this time doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’ll keep that in mind for future groups.

What is the Investment?

Group coaching is an investment in your business, and my goal is to provide you with great value that you can actualize as you grow your work.  Early registration ends March 13, 2022, and registering early will save you money at a rate of $997.  After March 13, enrollment cost raises to $1197.

This all sounds great!  I’ve Got some Questions…

How do I know if it's right for ME?
Great question!  I want you to be excited for the group because it is a great fit for your needs, and I’ve designed it based on my experience running my own practice and coaching practice owners.  All group participants will complete an application that will help me to screen for fit.  If I think you’re a good fit but you’re not sure, you are welcome to move your 30 minute initial coaching session up, with no obiligation and no fee should you decide not to join the group.
What will the group cover?
We’ll spend our 8 weeks on four, 2-week units: mindset (including values), marketing, money, and management.  I’ve found these areas cover the major issues that practice owners face.  I’ll also tailor specific content to meet the needs of each group member, starting with your application and tailored through our initial 30 minute coaching call.  But don’t worry, if you need more individualized support, you’ll have an additional 30 minute coaching session where we can cover any topics you choose, and of course we can chat through the Q&A, hot seat coaching, and FB group about any related topics.
When do we meet? And how?
We’ll meet through a live video chat (I’ll supply you with the link and talk you through the process before hand).  You’ll just need a computer or device with internet access.  Headphones and a microphone help but are not required.  Coaching, Q&A, and Training sessions will occur over the course of an eight week period.  Of course, you can access video replays of our sessions at your convenience through the group hosting portal.  The 75 minute coaching format will allow for approximately 60 minutes of content/process and 15 minutes of questions/debriefing.  One hour co-working sessions will be sprinkled throughout the 8 weeks at various times to take advantage of everyone’s schedules.

Sessions will occur on Mondays, beginning March 28, at 10am pacific, 11am mountain, noon central, and 1pm eastern.  Timing of a group that meets across time zones is tricky, and I know there isn’t a perfect time for everyone.  If you have a “day job” that interferes, my hope is that with advanced notice, you can schedule a lunch hour, mid-morning break, or personal time to coincide with our group time.  You are welcome to enjoy your meal while we chat! I’ll share the day and time of the calls as soon as the group schedule is finalized.  Please share any scheduling concerns, if applicable, in your enrollment application.

If you are unable to attend a few live sessions of need to leave early, that’s fine: you’ll catch up with the recordings.  But, if you cannot make ANY of the live sessions, this may not be the right group for you. I want you to be fully satisfied with the group experience and that means, well, being part of the group!  If the timing is wrong for you this time around, reach out and let me know and I’ll keep your info and scheduling considerations in mind for the next group.


In addition to the group sessions, you’ll have a 30 minute individual session to schedule with me prior to start up for goal setting, a one hour individual coaching session during the eight week experience, and a final hour individual coaching session to schedule within 60 days of finishing the group to further tailor the experience to your evolving needs.

How do I get started?
Click Here or on any of the “enroll now” buttons to fill out an application to enroll. Be sure to ask me any questions you may be having so we can make sure this is the perfect fit for you. I’ll be in touch soon to answer your questions and help you get started! If we agree to move forward, I’ll send you out initial paperwork and a payment portal so you can lock in your spot. 

Kick Start Group Coaching Experience

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