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You Might be In Practice Alone, but You're Not Alone

Thinking of launching a private practice?  Stalled out and struggling to build and grow your practice?  Or have you lost your practice mo-jo, no longer clear on why you’re doing what you’re doing?  I love supporting my coaching and consultation clients in understanding their unique practice-oriented values and translating these into a business model that fills their practices with the type of work that is just right for them.  Together, we translate intangible values into behavioral intentions and come up with an action plan.  You got this, friend.

Your Ideal Practice is Not My Ideal Practice

That’s right.  I have been in private practice for the past decade and grown my clinical work to a place that is right for me.  This didn’t happen easily, and it was not without heartache and mistakes along the way.  While I figured out what’s best for me, my solutions are not your solutions.  For your practice to work for you, reflect your passions, and translate into a sustainable, soul-feeding, and lucrative business, you need to build YOUR ideal practice.  You’re the only one who can do that, but I can support you along the way.

Your Values Are Your Compass

I believe to the depths of my being that the work we do is bigger.  This is not a one size fits all industry, where you can apply a decision tree, read a brochure, pump out a product, and cash a check.  You are here because the work we do is engraved upon our souls. We are the helpers, the healers, the listeners, the come-alongside-ers.  We hold the stories, provide containment and boundaries, and ultimately, shine the light. There’s no business manual for how to do this work, but if we tap into our values and really listen to the quiet voice of our soul, our answers are already there. If you listen, what do you hear?  Lost touch with that quiet voice?  I help providers find it and tune in.  Contact me for a free inital consult to see if I’m the one to empower you to take your work to the next level.

Intentional Private Practice Will Help You…


Rediscover Your Why

You are a highly trained professional.  Your service has value. You probably entered this field in part because you wanted to be helpful to others.  Your passion also has value and makes you uniquely poised to help your people.  But years of the grind–agency work, insurance companies, taking clients who are not a good fit because you worry where the next one will come from–have worn you down.  I help people re-light the fire that brought you to this field.

Identify Your Ideal Clients

Identifying your ideal clients is the absolute key to your business.  When you connect with the population you want to serve, you will do the work about which you feel passionate.  You’ll figure out how to connect with your ideal population, and you’ll find that you’ll still attract general referrals.  Not sure how that works, or who your ideal client is?  That’s ok, Intentional Private Practice will help you do just that.

Develop a Business that Reflects Values

You are unique, and the values that drew you to your career are perfect for you.  Why not also build a practice that is perfect for you?  By tapping into your values, you can align your business with your value system.  Thus aligned, you’ll communicate your work, your policies and procedures, and your fees with integrity, in a way that is authentic and establishes the perfect boundaries for you.

Connect with Supportive Colleagues

Grab a cup of coffee and join our virtual community.  You can bounce off ideas from trusted colleagues, explore ways to grow and kindle your passion, and just have fun. Through Intentional Private Practice, Dr. Kim Dwyer offers a variety of supports, including individual coaching and clinical consultation, group mastermind coaching and courses, and a free closed community full of wisdom and support.  Click here for our general FaceBook business page and here for our community!  

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