Resources While at Home due to Pandemic

Structure, Routine, Support

This is an unprecedented time in our history as a country, and we are being challenged to find ways to maintain a sense of stability in our lives.  While this is important for all of us, it is especially important for children in our care.  This page is a resource tool to share information and activities for adults, teens, and children.  I will be updating it frequently and thank all of those who have shared resources with me.  Other providers are welcome to share this link and direct people to this page for ideas.
Of course, even while social distancing, the great outdoors is open.  A dose of sunshine, fresh air, and exercise always does a body good.  Be sure to also take good care of yourself with good sleep and nutrition, and engage in the coping strategies that will support you such as connecting with others (phone and video are great ways to connect).

The following links will take you to resources outside of my website.  While I try to make sure these are appropriate, please use your discretion.  If you find a broken link or have a suggestion for something to add, feel free to let me know!

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