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Fees and Appointment Scheduling

Please call Dr. Dwyer to discuss fees for therapy, coaching, and assessment services.  Therapy appointments are generally scheduled for 45 to 50 minutes duration.  When working with children, parents are typically involved, minimally, at the beginning and ending of appointments.  Initial intake appointments for young children are often scheduled with only the parent(s) or guardian(s) attending, so that a thorough developmental and diagnostic history can be obtained.

Forms of Payment & Payment Policies:

Dr. Dwyer's practice accepts payment by check or cash. Clients will be responsible for payment at the time services are rendered.  24 hours notice is greatly appreciated if an appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled.

About Insurance Reimbursement:

Dr. Dwyer does not direct bill nor accept direct payments from insurance companies, and does not participate in insurance provider panels.  This allows patients to decide if and when they would like to release their confidential mental health information to their insurance company, and allows Dr. Dwyer to dedicate her focus to providing patients with the best possible treatment.  If you would like to submit claims for insurance reimbursement, you will be provided with invoices or other documentation for you to submit, and Dr. Dwyer will be happy to assist you with this to the extent that she is able.  It is still the patient's responsibility to pay in full for services at the time they are rendered.  Please work with your insurance company directly to determine your mental health coverage for out of network providers, so that you can budget appropriately for your treatment.